The Brethren of Commerce are at it again. They have attained the Portal to the Ring of Fnords.

You must find it!

  1. Seek the Lodge of the Brethren of Commerce.
  2. There you will find the Portal to the Ring of Fnords
  3. Inquisitiveness is the most esteemed quality you can possess.
Eye of the Pyramid
  1. The Lodge of the Brethren of Commerce lies beyond Chapel Perilous.
  2. In the Empire, you enter Chapel Perilous from the Third Level of Attainment.
  3. Good Luck! And most of all, Enjoy Yourself!

Turn off the Toolbar, Location, and Directory buttons on the "Options" menu of your browser.
The Empire of Commerce was built for you to navigate without them.

It helps to have an 800 x 600 75hz monitor
Roll your cursor over the Eye of the Pyramid and Have a Poke!
Enter the Empire to Find the FnordRing! No! No! I wont go in! Take me back to the Ring of Fnords!