This is where you can download some of the stuff I have been working on. Some of it is too big to work well online, and runs much more smoothly from your hard drive. None of these files are executable, and they have all been virus scanned by SAM 4.5. A Java capable browser is all you need to view these files.

  1. EoC Empire Cycle is 3 Mb automated sample of the most visually interesting parts from the Empire of Commerce. After downloading and decompressing, Simply click "Begin", sit back, get comfortable, and watch. Your browser will launch and the pages will refresh themselves. The Cycle lasts for about 12 minutes, and loops eternally. I hope you enjoy it. This version is a Mac binary self extracting archive which will decompress with Aladdin's Stuffit Expander into a 13.5 Mb directory of html files. It is best viewed with Netscape Navigator or MS Internet Explorer version 3 or later.
    Latest file posting - 7/18/99.

  2. Windows version.
  3. Same files as the Mac version. Use WinZip to decompress the archive.