Empire of Commerce

This work is part of my MFA Thesis. Its logo, "EoC" appears at the top of this page. It is an extreme view of the presence and influence of the Bretheren of the Grand Lodge of the Empire of Commerce. My representations of the Bretheren exist as seven (so far) sculpture forms. To view the images of the sculpture, the site requires you to find the link that will open the way to the Grand Lodge. Be prepared for large image files and even larger ideology. Read my statement about this work.

For best results in the Empire, set your monitor to at least 1024 x 768. Turn off the Toolbar, Location and Directory under Options or Tools Menu. The Empire of Commerce has been built for you to navigate without them.

If you have a slower connection, you will have some long down load times. The next pages contain files that require the Apple QuickTime Plug-in. If you wish to skip it, select "Next" as it loads to go to the next image.

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